Julián Messina

Beatriz Galindo Senior Distinguished Researcher

Fundamentos del Análisis Económico

University of Alicante

Welcome to my site. I am a labor eonomist interested in studying how institutions and regulations impact labor market outcomes including unemployment, informality and inequality. I have studied issues related to employment protection, minimum wages, education, gender, skills and entrepreneurship. My ultimate driver is not just academic discovery. I view research as a powerful tool to evaluate and design better policies that have a positive impact on people. In persuing these goals,  I have worked for more than a decade at research departments of multilateral organizations such as the  Inter - American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank. During the last ten years my main focus has been on policy relevant topics for Latin America, but I have also worked in Europe and Asia.  On this site you will find links to my most recent papers, published articles and books. You can also find more information about me and links to my papers at IDEAS and Google Scholar. I write regularly on the blogs Ideas Matter, NadaEsGratis, and VOXEU